The bleeps, sweeps, and creeps are in full-effect with i.martron creating Real Analog Wind-Powered synth-experiments the likes of which Jazz has never seen. Captured in real-time from live performances these e-missives will fill that empty longing robotic void in your heart.

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i.martron is rising from the ashes and coming back as Trondonkey to signify the less egoist and more open nature of Martin and Dave's collaboration. We'll be performing in Guelph at the Synnema as part of the Guelph Improvised Music Series on Wednesday July 7th.

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It's Over

2006-10-18 martron@aloneatnight. I began recording this late at night using a semi-random swarmish PD patch I'd made. Some of the plugins overloaded the cpu and provided a sort of stratified music until I could get things under control again. It's a late night romp that made me feel good at the time so maybe it'll do the same for you. Note there are no live instruments on this track. Pure computer generated bliss. Also note that nothing has been added to this podcast all summer, however, requests for the cast have been spreading like wildfire. Funny that. Talk to you soon. -martron
1 CPUOverload.mp3 [36mb]


2006-04-15 martron@school. Metastate is an interactive computer system that I have been developing for this past semester. The piece derives musical influence from Iannis Xenakis' Metastaseis which was composed using Xenakis' theory of stochastic music. Stochastic music uses randomly generated elements which are created by strict mathematical processes.
Metastate uses an approximation of the particle swarm algorithm to determine in real time the next state of the system. Swarming mathematics were discovered by studying the behaviour of bird flocks, fish schools and swarming insects. By ascribing a few simple rules to an entity, a bird for example, the higher level structure of a flock seems to emerge. These rules are generally described as:
1) Steer toward the nearest bird
2) Avoid crowding other birds
3) Match speeds with other birds
Following the example of Tim Blackwell and Peter Bentley, I have defined the behaviour of a single note in much the same way. As you may hear in this performance, the tone of my saxophone becomes doubled and seems to swarm around whatever tone I play. If I play high notes, the computer will respond with high notes. If I play a wide range of notes, the computer will also respond in a wide range. Finally, the behaviour of this swarming note is also used to record and play back samples of my saxophone playing. This way, if I return to the same pitch I had been playing when the sample first recorded, it is likely that this sample will play back. Metastate is an experiment in real time indeterminacy.
1 metastate.mp3 [8mb]


2006-03-18 martron@home. The computer decided to record.
1 Swarmed.mp3 [6mb]
2 TimeBandit.mp3 [9mb]

Re Hearse

2006-02-02 i, the meek, martron.
1 Concise History Of Tern Music.mp3 [8.5mb]
2 It's Gunna Rain.mp3 [12.5mb]

A Quick One

2006-01-12 Whale music.
1 They're Already Here.mp3 [5.5mb]

December 29th, Pepperjacks Birthday

2005-12-29 live set from the end of year birthday blowout at Pepperjacks in Hamilton.
1 Hoortzack.mp3 [57mb]

live at 127 grange

2005-12-17 live performance at a house show. accompanied by Mika Posen on violin and (faintly) DJ Hurtsack on the turntables
1 TermiteCathedral.mp3 [21mb]

i wish to report a burglary

2005-11-12 another night of exploration. results in short.
1 Warsroom.mp3 [11mb]

go strain

2005-10-21 i.martron created this whilst the ghost train rolled along.
1 Coool ghost train man.mp3 [30mb]
2 AppelKomputer.mp3 [37mb]

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